Statement from the Executive Director

Herstel Group is a cross-border collaborative approach and system missioned to improve the lives of millions of people around the world one at a time.

Since our first day of operations, we have stayed true to our course of action and our commitment, working exclusively with change makers; local communities, profits and nonprofits, institutions, groups, foundations and social ventures for Impact solutions, branding and digital. We deeply understand the unique challenges you face and the complexity of the landscape you ride on. Most importantly, we understand what’s at stake for every project we work on together. Our volunteers and team have and will always commit to the unparalleled experience in navigating the issues that matter to you — because they also matter to us.

We believe a lot can be achieved only if we come together. And so, we are bringing together social change makers, leaders and organizations towards a life changing impact journey.

This is a partnership of impact investors and creators who are passionate about networking, learning together, mobilizing resources and expertise towards sustainable development. Having done extremely well in our various models and investments: livelihoods, education, social, environmental conservation and sustainable economies around the world. Our strategic plan has a presence across the 17 SDGs by 2020.

Impact Investing engages key players in the social economic issues – communities in the grassroots, profit and nonprofit organizations, governments, donors, and the likes – to work together towards sustainable impacts.

Today, less has been done in ensuring effective mechanisms for impact investment and a platform for match making   . As a result, a lot is lost through misplaces investments and wrong decisions. And so we have taken a systems change and approach through impact investing – touching lives by focusing on the missing links that underlie social issues

We all want to make a difference in the world, the problem goes beyond how and when to do this to how to scale our impact in what we do. It is our mission to seal these barriers. We make possible donors and other impact investors invest in meaningful courses around the world. We make available resources and funds to impact creators and social entrepreneurs with transformational initiatives and projects.

We have gone ahead to voluntary offer support for such things as project management, strategic planning, research, technology, policy and advocacy, government relations, monitoring and evaluation, and leveraging additional funding.

We have spent years in detailed research and due diligence, and are extremely impressed by the potential and the different initiatives that are driving change in our communities.

We hope to make available more grants and fellowship opportunities in the coming financial year.

As our clients and partners expect more in the next year is pleasure introducing Herstel prints, logistics and events divisions in our portfolios

We are always excited to add more partners to our family and in the specific projects.

Looking forward to a greater year together !



Paul Opany



Executive Director

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